Every single person has the ability to make some kind of music. It’s just a matter of trying.

Aaron Dumpala

Studio Manager | Piano | Organ | theatre

“Music should be your escape” ~ Missy Elliot

Onis Hawley

Marketing Coordinator

Music is not about the finished song, it’s about the joy that the journey of learning brings to you.

Marae Zarifa

Marketing Coordinator

I am passionate about a wide variety of genres, ranging from jazz, to classical, to hip-hop, to rock, and much more. 

Noah Skinner

Junior Project Manager | Drums | PRODUCTION

Music is the one thing that transcends generations, cultures, and social backgrounds. Let us use it to do some good in our world. 

Yohan Dumpala

Project Manager | Guitar | Videography | Photography

I strongly believe that no matter where you come from, music has the ability to express one’s thoughts and emotions while having the power to bring people together.

Griffin Yan

Project Manager | Vocals | Guitar

It’s never too soon or too late to pursue your dreams, try it all and see what sticks.

Luke Francis

Project Manager | Guitar | Theatre | Vocals

Rhythm in music is the connective tissue of humanity! Connecting to a simple beat can bring 1000s together, jumping in time, hearts beating as one. 

Justin Mullen

Project Manager | drums | percussion | theatre

Music has meant so much to me during my life and I can’t wait to see others find their voice at our studio. 

Tim Skinner

Project Manager | Bass | trombone